District 7 Conference – Game Show

Trio-Pardy pronounced Trii-i-i–Opp-p–Pardy-yy-yy-yy!

Fun Event! Thursday May 13th at 8:00 to 8:30 PM

Trio-Pardy was created to bring a new paradigm to the Spring Conference. This is the first time a game show has been introduced at a District 7 Annual Conference Event. The objective is to bring a light-hearted element of fun, while still providing information and facts about District 7, Toastmasters’ history, Pathways, and other interesting fun facts. If you like the television show Jeopardy, join us at the District 7 Spring Conference as the team presents its own District 7 game show parody. The contestants will be our own District 7 Trio, PJ Kleffner, District Director, Eldred Brown, Program Quality Director, and Lori Andersen, Club Growth Director.

Our game show host is Ken Coomes. Ken is a retired Naval officer, an Intel retiree, retired businessman and he retired from Ricoh Americas. I guess you could say he is a “retiring” kind of guy. He loves to read, write, and play games (board and electronic.) He also designs board games. Seven of Ken’s poems, several articles, a few short stories, and three novels have been published over the years. He’s rewriting his first three novels, half of a pair of intertwined trilogies; one fantasy, one science fiction.